Enjoy the flying spirit

Hi JeansLovers !


It is time for us to talk about our own production, because at Poker Jeanstore, we are proud to be able to offer you a jean for all silhouettes, but also a wide range of casual clothes for each of you!

First of all, Airlington is a Belgian brand! Let's be Belgian at once!

It comes in many forms like jeans, sweater, shirts, sweatshirts, vests, ...

Having an own brand in a Belgian company, is the “little” extra that we are loooove to offer to our customers!

We do not reinvent women's and men's ready-to-wear cloths, we innovate its by keeping the COMFORT as a key word (dixit: our boss )!

That's why our bloggers and influencers have chosen our Airlington Sweater, like the Oversized pull-over Diane, as the MUST HAVE of their wardrobe for this winter!

I have to show you? 

Helene wears it with class and elegance for a day @work : https://www.instagram.com/helene.sr/  /  www.elinais.com

Same thing for Gwen : a day at office ? Ok, but with style !

For Maud, it’s would be at home with a good cup of tea and a good boy  ( or not ? We should ask her on her blog : www.blogblogyaquelquun.com )

Laura & Tatiana ? Mode Cocooning ON ! (Laura’s blog  www.dominoeffect.com , and Tatiana’s ones www.chroniquedunemamandebordee.com )

Pauline, she is relaxed : http://monbebeabruxelles.blogspot.be/

With Caroline we are on mode ZEN : comfort at first ! www.missbouclenoir.com

For Audrey, it time to read a good book while her babies are with their daddy (http://deddygraphic.wordpress.com/)

A walk in the city with Kristel ? http://www.unkilodiricette.com

Leila, she will go to shopping with class  

And last (but not least), did you seen this outfit ??? WE LOVE IT !!! Thanks to Laura ! http://www.loucarnet.com/


Enjoy the flying spirit

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